The Club

The Data Club is a three year old dream that finally came true. Since we started Hyperight we promised to our clients that we will go beyond events and provide more value to the community by creating a platform that will bring data practitioners, thinkers, and organisations together to collaborate, learn and grow their businesses. During the years we have discussed the idea with our community and we are proud to have the opportunity to present this idea as a final product as a result of those discussions.“

Why Data Club

We have just entered a new crossroad with three lanes going back and one forward. In the new Digital Economy that road going forward is data utilization and innovation. And we have just started the journey. As the data increases, the technology advances ,trends and hypes appear, business will have to navigate in the right direction, and practitioners will have to learn how to navigate. Knowledge sharing, benchmarking and networking are the ultimate organic ways how businesses can grow and practitioners can develop. With right platform in place we can fast-track the data innovation maturity, increase the data literacy, find new ways to solving old problems, plant new ideas and create new exciting future. We aspire the Data Club to be the platform that can help in shaping that future. We want to help people and organisations to meet, collaborate, innovate and grow.


The Data Club is envisioned as a community place for data practitioners that brings innovation and technology together and forward. It is a place where knowledge is shared, topics are discussed, ideas are shaped, products are tested, and opportunities are made.  We think of the Data Club as a platform where the data community is an ultimate decision maker on what are the topics that need to be addressed and discussions taken forward.


Our mission is to drive data innovation forward and further increase the data literacy across organisations and individuals. Our concept is very simple and it is based on community building, knowledge sharing activities and technology innovation showcasing and reviews.

Think Bigger - start small

We are starting in Stockholm but our vision is to connect all major cities, data hubs and communities together. We are looking forward in taking the discussion forward with other investors in different cities and regions that see our vision thought their eyes and help us connecting data practitioners and enthusiasts beyond borders.


The objective is to keep the Data Club open and free of charge for groups and their members while maintaining a sustainable operation of it though limited payed events, partnerships and memberships fees and limited rent days.

Code of conduct

We embrace diversity of any kind, The Data Club is open to any organisation or practitioner working with data and technology with no prejudice. To ensure responsibility we are working closely with the group owners and event organisers to make sure that there is no exceptions and abuse of our code of conduct.