Every great idea needs great partners

The Data Club is envisioned as a community place for data practitioners that brings innovation and technology together and forward. It is a place where knowledge is shared, topics are discussed, ideas are shaped, products are tested, and opportunities are made.

As every other idea we depend on supporters and partners to keep the idea going and developing it forward. Our mission is to drive data innovation forward and further increase the data literacy across organisations and individuals. Our concept is very simple and it is based on non-bias community building, knowledge sharing activities and technology innovation showcasing.

We  understand and respect the fact that different organisations can have different views on the value of supporting this initiative and therefore we have prepared these simple partner packages with different value proposition for you.

Partner Package options

Supporting Partner


10 000/ year

Generate your brand awareness and increase your customer and employer reputation by increasing your visibility on the Data Club online channels

Branded Partner


20 000/ year

Be part of the Data Club journey. Generate and increase brand awareness and reach out to new subscribers by increasing your visibility in the Data Club premises and online channels.

Be part of us