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October 13, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm | Free
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We are honored to welcome you to the second Artificial Art exhibition at Hyperight Data Club. A monthly event initiated by a group of art and AI enthusiasts to explore the possibilities of how AI can impact art and human creativity. The development of generative AI algorithms is moving forward rapidly. New tools are being created that can turn text into realistic (or surrealistic if you prefer) images, combine pictures into new unknown aesthetic expressions, or play with visual art in ways we didn’t think were possible just a couple of years ago. It is fun, inspiring, and at times mind-blowing!

In a series of events, we will experience AI-generated art, talk to artists, and explore and discuss AI-generated art possibilities. In this first opening exhibition and networking event, we will have the pleasure to experience AI-Generated art by the talented Linda Leopold as well as hear a guest presentation by one of the foremost experts in AI.


About the Exhibition

““Resignify””, 2022

Could programming languages and AI-generated imagery expand our interpretation of art? In Half Scheidl’s work, those can be seen as vehicles to reinterpreting life-experiences and our identities. This exhibition consists of generative artwork created solely with programming languages as well as AI-assisted images.


About the Artist

H. Scheidl is a Stockholm-based generative artist. He has an education in computer engineering, and an untameable passion for design and creativity pushed him towards using programming languages and algorithms to create art. He draws inspiration from life, nature and mathematics. Each artwork is an explorations of algorithms, with controlled randomness in color, position and form. You can see more of his work at hscheidl.com


About the Guest Speaker

Dr Claire Ingram Bogusz is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Uppsala University. Her research looks at collective processes mediated by digital technologies, notably those that result in novelty or entrepreneurship. She will discuss how ownership is being re-evaluated (and sometimes not) as learning algorithms are used in other industries, notably pharmaceutical development.


The Opening Night Program

17:00 Exhibition opens
18:30 Art Presentation by Half Scheidl
19:00 Guest Presentation by Claire Ingram Bogusz 
22:00 Exhibition Closes



Attendance is by invitation only and limited in number. If interested in attending, please fill in your Request to Attend Form. All requests are pending review and confirmation by email.

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**Opening Night Includes complimentary hors d’oeuuvers and beverages


Join the Group

Join the Artificial Art group here: https://www.hyperightdataclub.com/follow-group/

Discord group: https://discord.gg/QYsJBwYfhP