Data Confessions

Learn by Mistakes – Inspire Solutions

People learn best from mistakes – theirs or others.

Too often presentations are focussed on success stories and projects that work, presented on a good-looking presentation slide deck. But how about the hard lessons learned – those projects, strategies and business decisions which didn’t had the envisioned and positive ending.

In discussion with the data community, we are starting a new knowledge sharing weekly concept that enables peers to learn from each other, benchmark strategies or experiences, and co-create solutions based upon those hard lessons learned.

Welcome to Data Confessions

Every Friday morning from 08:30 to 10:00 at the Hyperight Data Club (Tegnergatan 14 – Stockholm) participants will have the opportunity to hear a Data Confession by one presenter and discuss ways how that mistake could or can be avoided in future. The presenters are practitioners coming from different organisations, industries, sector, departments, positions and presenting a hard lesson learned on variety of topics.


  • The Data Confessions are weekly happenings and limited to 25 participants to maximize interactivity.

  • All participants need to have registered to be a part of the session.>

  • Registration is free of charge.

  • Coffee, and sandwiches are available.

  • If no spaces left, you can register for the waiting list. If someone from the registered participants can not make it, we will contact the waiting list chronologically.


08:30 – Data confessions session – maximum 30 min story if no interactivity with the participants.

09:00 – Interactive discussions

10:00 – End of the Data Confession.

The Setup

· No power point presentations – only a digital or paper flipchart.

· Delegates are not passive listeners – they are part of the story and the outcome of the presentation/confession.

· All presentations/stories are limited to 30 minutes; however, delegates can ask a question or present an experience/solution at any point during the presentation.

· We don’t like to throw away food. If you have registered and cannot make it, please tell us in time so we can allocate your seat to another person or order food accordingly.

· No press allowed.